The Botanic Garden of the Jagiellonian University

Ogród Botaniczny UJ

The Botanic Garden of the Jagiellonian University, was founded in 1783 and is the oldest botanical garden in Poland and one of the oldest in Europe. 

Initially, it had an area of approximately 2.4 hectares, and originated within the the partial remains of the old Czartoryski family palace gardens, dating from around 1600. Some fragments of the original layout can still be seen today, but the palace itself no longer exists. 

Currently, the Garden covers an area of approx. 9.6 hectares. It is a mosaic of various garden styles, making it unique. It is among Poland’s most expansive botanical gardens and boasts an impressive collection of around 500 species and varieties of orchids. These collections originate from the mid-nineteenth century. In the Museum of the Botanic Garden, visitors can view exhibits covering more than 200 years of the garden’s history. And there is even an exhibition featuring the world of polar tundra in the Arctic and Antarctic. 

The flora from all the world’s continents gathered in the Garden and the various species of animals that inhabit here: tawny owls, squirrels, hedgehogs, ducks, sparrowhawks, newts, frogs and toads, create a unique ecosystem in this local urban landscape. The Botanic Garden of the Jagiellonian University is open all year round.

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