The Stanisław Lem Science Garden

The Stanisław Lem Science Garden is the first sensory educational park in Poland. On six hectares of open space, visitors can use more than 110 interactive devices demonstrating various laws of physics. 

The aim of this exhibition is learning through play for children and adults.

Installations are located in five zones: mechanics, hydrostatics, optics, acoustics and magnetism. 

Everyone, regardless of age, can perform physics experiments on their own. The Science Garde is an ideal place for families with children. Among the attractions that await visitors are, among others, giant kaleidoscope, Newton’s cradle, shields with physical illusions. 

Those craving more extreme emotions can try zorbing (rolling in a large ball), bungee trampoline, bicycle on a rope or a gyroscope. 

When taking a break from experimenting, the enviromental zones are worth visiting.

-Following the paths of Lem-Birynt, a green labyrinth, we will find quotes from the work of the patron of the Garden, Stanisław Lem, famous Polish writer.

– Geo-garden, geological exhibition, is a place dedicated to rocks. Most of the 17 rocks collected in this area come from southern Poland. Some of them were used by masons in various buildings around Krakow. 

-In sensory exposure “Aromatic plants”, we experience a wealth of fragrances. There are various plants in the sensory garden: herbs, rhododendron, azalea, rose, Chinese peony, shrubs, garden daylily, magnolia. 

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